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Suction Canister Filters

Protect central vacuum system lines from contaminants in collection canisters.

Self-sealing suction canister filters provide high airflow and high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE)

Hospital central vacuum systems support many devices used in surgical procedures. Designed to be self-sealing, our Porex® suction canister filters help maintain the integrity of these systems by effectively filtering the air and protecting the vacuum system lines from contaminants in the fluid contained within the collection canister.

Comprised of porous plastic containing a functional additive, our self-sealing suction canister filters behave as a valve by automatically and instantly shutting off airflow from the collection canister when collected fluids come in contact with the filter.  

Suction Canister

Options for standard and custom self-sealing suction canister filters

Key Features & Benefits

With its single-body design that meets original equipment manufacturer (OEM) needs for high-volume, single press-fit assembly, POREX suction canister filters:

    • Prevent infections–Self-sealing design prevents infectious fluid from entering the hospital’s central vacuum lines.

    • Meet specific airflow and filtration requirements–Optimized designs have high airflow and high bacterial filtration efficiency (BFE), thereby preventing infections.

    • Can be designed as a single component for easier, press-fit assembly eliminating the cost and complexity of multi-part mechanical valves.

BFE Results (modified ASTM F2101)

BFE Results (modified ASTM F2101)
Product Description BFE Airflow SCFH
PPV1 Standard BFE 99.98% 29.2
PPV2 High BFE 99.996% 27.6
PPV3 Super BFE 99.999994% 15

The following sizes are cost-effective standard suction canister filters used by many suction canisters in the market today.  Please contact us for more information about MOQs and lead time to manufacture for your product.

Part Number Outer Diameter (mm) Inner Diameter (mm) Overall Length (mm)
AA-8206 25.00 17.00 45.00
101985 21.00 15.60 23.60
XA-8286 17.81 10.21 44.58
XA-9915HC-189 18.59 10.97 44.58
MA-6206HC 17.50 9.70 22.50
BA-6223HC-1 16.12 10.00 23.50
XA-6255HC 11.40 5.40 24.30


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