Unlock The Power of Porous Media

Experience the transformative potential of customized porous media by partnering with Porex. Our functional solutions help manufacturers overcome complex product design challenges and bring their products to market faster. From advanced filtration media to cutting-edge fluid management, our unmatched engineering expertise and extensive global manufacturing network help you unlock new frontiers of innovation and efficiency.

Our Products

Explore our broad portfolio of porous material solutions by the functional solution needed for your device. All solutions can be customized in direct collaboration with our customers using our decades of material science and application expertise. If you have a design need, the best first step is a quick consultation with one of our application engineers so we can help you find the best porous solution for your specific device.

Combat Demanding Filtration Challenges

Whether it is to protect critical components, reduce contamination of the environment, or ensure device functionality, filtration media plays an important role in many products and manufacturing processes. Filtration media serves as the ultimate safeguard for a device, blocking or removing impurities such as unwanted gases, liquids or particles that can contaminate or negatively impact a device. Offering surface and depth filtration functionality, porous plastic structures are comprised of an omni-directional, inter-connecting matrix, which can be optimized for filtration efficiencies to match the end device’s gas or fluid filtration and separation requirements.


Regulate & Maximize Absorption

Absorption is a crucial way to control liquid and serves vital purposes in many applications. Porex uses a variety of polymeric fiber and polyurethane foam technologies to achieve a regulated absorption. Our material solutions can dramatically increase absorption in your specific product, so you can help patients heal faster, ensure more accurate testing, eliminate toxic chemicals, and so much more.


Pregnancy and Ovulation Wicks

Select the Perfect Applicator for your Liquid

Items that people use each and every day rely on the accurate release and application of liquids or solids onto a surface or substrate. Seemingly basic designs require a sophisticated interplay between different types of porous material components – each performing different functions – in order to produce a dependable system for controlled and precise application. Our material science expertise across fiber, porous plastics, and foam helps to design precise applicators for medical applicators, cosmetics, writing instruments, and more.


Diffuse Liquid, Gas and Light Across Environments

Utilizing our material science and design expertise, our products are designed so that the diffusion media – which are comprised of omni-directional matrices – yield a consistent, evenly distributed vapor release. Our diffusion and sparging products are custom-engineered for manufacturers to meet specific end-use performance requirements with the industry standard in performance, durability, and design flexibility.


Plug-in Air Freshner

Maximize Product Lifespan with Proper Venting

Both high-tech and low-tech devices need venting to function, whether it’s to relieve pressure, allow for cooling, or protect contents from an external environment. Porous plastic and membranes are used extensively in numerous venting applications ranging from medical devices to industrial systems. Porous plastics offer distinct advantages over mechanical vents or physical openings since dust and moisture can be kept out. Manufacturers can choose from venting solutions customized by configuration, pore size, air flow rate, adhesion level, and material, as well as standard venting solutions across various materials.


Infection Prevention

Manage Fluids Better with Wicking Media

Wicking processes span all facets of everyday life. From garments designed to wick sweat, to marking pens that transfer ink to a surface, to devices that collect and test bodily fluids.  The capillary action of a wicking process can allow the movement of fluids in tight spaces without, or sometimes against the force of gravity. Porex has been designing and developing fluid transfer – or wicking – systems utilizing porous plastic materials for over 50 years. In addition to our material science and component design expertise, we offer a wide variety of base material options – from thermoplastic polymers to synthetic fibers.


Why Porex

Porex Corporation, a business of Filtration Group, is a global leader in developing a broad portfolio of porous polymer solutions that turn into high-value functional components in our customers’ end products. As part of Filtration Group, we work with our customers to make the world safer, healthier & more productive. For over 60 years, our innovations have helped over 1,500 manufacturers in 65 countries overcome complex product development challenges so their products can be brought to market quickly. With an extensive global manufacturing network and unmatched engineering expertise, Porex is the perfect fit for your porous material needs.  After an initial consultation with one of our application engineers, we partner with our customers by combining our material expertise with their application expertise to create unique components that add competitive advantage to their products.

How to work with Porex

Life Sciences 

Use our customizable solutions for medical devices, diagnostics, and laboratory filtration.

Plug-in Insecticide Wicks

Consumer Goods 

Use our robust material options in high-volume production products such as plug-in air freshener wicks, cosmetic sponges, or consumer electronics.



We specialize in niche industrial applications, from removing impurities and contaminants to enabling efficient chemical reactions.

Automotive & Lighting


Utilize our high-performance porous media to increase performance of your automotive lighting, electronics, and filtration components.

Feed Your Mind with our Interactive Virtual Lunch & Learn Series

If you are seeking smarter, out-of-the-box solutions that are fully customized for your next-gen product design and development, the Feed Your Mind series is for you! Discover new ways to filter, vent, wick, diffuse, apply or absorb liquids or gasses and engage with subject expert application engineers.  

Check out a sneak peek of our first Feed Your Mind session on Sintered Porous Plastics to see the types of fun demos and interactivity that our application engineer Robert Kiblinger brings to each episode!