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Cosmetics Makeup Sponges

World’s Highest Quality Makeup Sponges

Cosmetic Makeup Sponges Tailored to Your Exact Specifications – Made in the USA

With decades of experience, Porex serves as a material science expert in the cosmetic makeup sponge market. Our intellectual property, quality manufacturing, innovation, and customizability truly set us apart from the competition. We offer 100% latex-free sponges in different sizes, textures, shapes, and colors to suit your specific needs – all made in the USA. In addition, we have eco-friendly plant and mineral formulations available that can be infused with a range of skincare additives and antimicrobials for cleaner and safer use.

Cosmetic Blenders

Makeup Blender Sponges

Porex’s reusable makeup blender sponges are available in a variety of patented and customized shapes and sizes. They can be used with any makeup formulation, moisturizer, or remover for precision, all-over coverage, stippling, or blending functionalities.

Cosmetic Wedges

Makeup Sponges – Rounds & Wedges

Makeup round and wedge sponges from Porex are used to apply and blend makeup, moisturizers, and to remove cosmetics. They have crisp edges, making them perfect for detailing and for hard-to-reach areas of the face.

Compact Sponges

Compact Makeup Sponges

Porex’s can design compact makeup sponges in a variety of shapes that make for easy storage and transportation. They are available in low and no-swell configurations and make the perfect tool for flawlessly applying any makeup compact formula.

facial cleansing sponge

Facial Cleansing Sponges

Porex offers customizable facial cleansing sponges designed for businesses in the skincare industry. Our reusable sponges can be tailored with various shapes, textures, formulations, and infusions to meet your specific skincare needs.