Standard and Customizable Porex Products

Innovative Products That Solve Your Design Challenges

Explore Porex’s extensive range of battery vents, inline filters, and pneumatic silencers and mufflers. Available in both standard and customizable options depending on order quantity, our products are designed to meet your specific specifications. Contact us today to speak with a material expert for detailed insights on how our products can solve your design challenge.

Lead Acid Battery Vents

Porex® Battery Vents are a cost-effective solution utilized as single and multiple-component flame arrestors, providing a cost-effective venting solution that meets the technical requirements of commercial lead-acid batteries.

InTake Filters

Inline Filters

Enhance your filtration process with reliable, high-performance POREX® INLINE™ Filters for laboratory reagents, gases, fuels, and other liquids. solutions for laboratory reagents, gases, and liquids.

Pneumatic Silencers

Pneumatic Silencers & Mufflers

Porex pneumatic silencer offers many advantages, with a porous polyethylene (PE) structure that significantly reduces weight, delivers greatly improved corrosion resistance, and has the ability to filter particles and aerosols.