Porex Lead Acid Battery Vents Brochure

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In 1974, Porex introduced the very first porous plastic vent designed and engineered for use as a flame arrestor for lead-acid batteries. Since then, Porex has produced billions of porous plastic vents supplied to battery manufacturers globally. POREX® Battery Vents are utilized as single and multiple-component flame arrestors and designed to provide a durable, cost-effective venting solution that meets the technical and performance requirements of commercial lead-acid batteries. In addition to preventing sparks from entering the battery, POREX® Battery Vents provide controlled airflow, venting, and optimized back pressure, reducing the risk of acid spillage and aerosol emissions. The battery vents can be assembled using heat staking or ultrasonic welding techniques, making them easy to use in high-volume automated assembly lines.

Download the brochure to explore Porex’s portfolio of standard and customizable lead acid battery vent products for a variety of assembly methods.