How We work

Collaborative Innovation Process

Your Trusted Partner in Porous Media Solutions

Creating products and applications with porous media requires a partner who understands the nuances of the process – and that’s where we come in. At Porex, we have over 60 years of experience in this specialized field, bringing unparalleled insight and knowledge. However, we understand that as you consider working with us, you likely have questions about our approach and how our collaboration will unfold.

Our team is committed to providing you with the highest quality service as we custom engineer porous polymers through a seamless and efficient process. We know that every project is unique, and our process is designed to exceed your expectations.

01. Design & Development

Porex’s innovative approach begins with a collaborative engineering partnership that transforms your ideas into reality. Our experienced engineers work closely with clients through a feasibility study to assess technical and commercial viability. We evaluate product function, geometry, unique requirements, anticipated volumes, and launch timeline to determine the best platform and material for optimal performance. Throughout this process, we maintain strict confidentiality and ensure the protection of your intellectual property.


During this stage, we’ll discuss and evaluate several key aspects, including the product’s specific function, the desired geometry, any unique requirements related to the final product, anticipated volumes, and the timeline to launch. This initial assessment enables Porex to determine the most suitable platform and material to meet the product’s functional requirements. By fostering open communication and joint efforts, we lay the foundation for successful design and development.

Final Outcome

Through Porex’s collaborative design and development process, we craft innovative solutions that enhance device performance and effectiveness. This assessment allows us to select the most suitable platform and material and ensure our solutions meet the product’s functional requirements.

02. Prototyping & Testing

After successfully completing the design and development stage, we will proceed to prototyping and testing. Here, Porex’s engineering team creates a physical model based on the agreed design specifications, and rigorous testing ensures the product meets tolerance and requirements, providing valuable insights for design adjustments.


The prototype created by Porex’s engineers serves as a crucial tool for evaluating the design’s feasibility and identifying potential areas for enhancement. Additionally, our team conducts thorough testing to validate the product’s performance against specified tolerances and requirements. Through this testing, we gain valuable insights into the product’s behavior under diverse conditions, enabling us to fine-tune and optimize the design as needed.

Final Outcome

The prototyping and testing phase enables Porex to achieve two key outcomes. First, this iterative process provides a tangible representation of the design concept, allowing for hands-on evaluation and validation of its practicality, as well as ensuring the design aligns with the intended functionality. Second, the rigorous testing procedures provide vital insights into the product’s performance, enabling us to make necessary adjustments to enhance its functionality, durability, and reliability. By meticulously refining the design through prototyping and testing, we establish a solid foundation for manufacturing and quality control.

03. Manufacturing & Quality Control

After successful prototyping and testing, Porex enters the development stage with pilot production, finalizing product details, order quantity, and packaging specifications. In this phase, the focus is on quality control and adherence to specifications.


During manufacturing and quality control, our skilled production team utilizes advanced manufacturing technologies and techniques to ensure accurate and efficient production of the designed parts. Quality control is a critical element of Porex’s manufacturing process. Throughout this stage, thorough statistical sampling methods are implemented to maintain the highest performance and reliability standards. Our commitment to quality assurance ensures compliance with agreed-upon specifications and overall product success.

Final Outcome

The successful completion of the manufacturing and quality control phase yields two significant outcomes. First, the refined part design seamlessly transitions into production, ensuring the accurate and efficient manufacturing of the desired components. Through our advanced manufacturing capabilities, we maintain precision, consistency, and adherence to the agreed-upon specifications. Second, Porex’s rigorous quality control measures guarantee that every manufactured product meets the highest standards of performance and reliability.

04. Global & Local Support

After scaling manufacturing and continuing quality checks, Porex continues its commitment to customer support with a global presence. That includes monitoring production, continual testing, and providing engineering resources in the US, Europe, and Asia. Porex’s dedication to continuous improvement allows for adaptability and innovation, surpassing customer expectations in ever-changing markets and innovating with you at every step of the process.


Porex offers our customers comprehensive local and global, including quality agreements, supply management, production monitoring, technical assistance, and ongoing collaboration for continuous improvement. We strive to provide a seamless customer experience and ensure our solutions meet and exceed expectations at every stage.

Final Outcome

Porex’s commitment to local and global support ensures a seamless customer experience beyond product development. We provide consistent quality and timely delivery by formalizing agreements and monitoring production. Our ongoing technical support and collaboration facilitate customer success, while continuous improvement initiatives guarantee responsiveness to changing market needs. Porex strives to be a trusted partner, providing comprehensive support throughout the product lifecycle.