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Superior Acoustic Venting & Sound Dampening Components

Acoustic Vents & Windscreens Tailored to Your Device

Acoustic engineers across the world trust Porex’s acoustic venting and sound-dampening components to ensure superior sound quality of their devices. Whether you need vents for your electronics, windscreens for your microphones, or general sound-dampening functionality, Porex is here to ensure consistent performance customized to your needs. 

Porex’s high-performance Virtek® IP-rated PTFE vents, which are designed for IP67 mobile electronic applications, provide pressure equalization and a barrier from dust, water, sweat, and other contaminants in sealed electronic devices to prevent audio distortion.

With more voice communication devices being used outdoors, preventing wind noise is essential to providing a quality communication experience. For dampening wind noise, Porex offers multiple material options for low acoustic loss in standard and custom shapes.

IP Protection Vents

Options for customizing acoustic vents and windscreens

  • Protect against contaminants–POREX® porous materials repel dust, water, sweat, oils and other liquids from entering the enclosure.
  • Minimize wind noise –  Low acoustic loss materials improve user experience
  • Porex Virtek® PTFE
  • Custom 3D design shapes and options to heat weld, vibrationally weld, or over-mold
Porous Laboratory Components

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Using Porous Polymers for Venting

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