Diffusion Tubes for Semiconductor Processing

Precision components to diffuse, filter and distribute process gases

Improve performance with high-purity diffusion tubes

Our high-purity diffusion tubes allow semiconductor processing facilities a precise way to diffuse, filter and distribute process gases. POREX® porous materials assure that your products and processes meet the highest quality and performance standards. The precise porosity of our high-purity products allows for consistent electrical and flow properties

Diffusion Solutions

Options for customizing diffusion tubes for semiconductor processing

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ensure purity–Material is backed by the Certified Pure POREX® program of independent laboratory testing of leachables, extractables, and interfering substances.
  • Deliver precise flow rates and tolerances–Engineered for tight pore size and volume control.
  • Improve process effectiveness–Design is customizable per application requirements
  • Very low contamination for critical processes.
  • Precise pore size and volume control and customization to multiple shapes and thicknesses.
  • Low dielectric constant and dielectric losses for maximum efficiency.

Porous Laboratory Components

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Using Porous Plastics for Diffusion

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