Functional Solutions

Explore What Is Possible with Porous Polymers

Solve Your Product Design Functional Challenges with Custom Porous Polymers

Through a collaborative engineering partnership with our customers, Porex develops high-value solutions for both new and existing products facing functional design challenges in absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking by applying our extensive porous material science, product design, and custom plastic manufacturing expertise.

Explore our key functional areas below to understand more about how we can help to engineer a custom solution specific to your application. Within each category, you will discover key markets we’ve supported through our material science expertise, including life sciences, consumer goods, industrial, and automotive applications.

absorption function

Absorption Media

Absorption is one of the most common – and crucial – means of controlling liquids and contaminants. Porex uses a variety of porous fiber and foam technologies to support medical, cleaning, and cosmetic applications among others. 


Application Solutions

Applicator Material

Applicators allow for independent control of a liquid or substance when spreading it onto a surface or substrate. It is a vital function of many cosmetic products, topical applicators used in drug delivery, and writing instruments like coloring and whiteboard markers. 


diffusion outline

Diffusion Material

Diffusion provides a consistent emission of a gas or liquid over time. This includes at-home fragrance delivery products, life science products such as bioprocessing spargers, and diffusion tubes used for semiconductor processing.


Filtration solutions

Filtration Media

Filtration is a key function of many porous polymer solutions – separating unwanted solids or liquids from a mixture. Typical applications include point-of-use water filters, automotive fuel and water separation media, as well as ultra-pure filtration media used in medical applications such as inhalers, injectables, and hemodialysis.


Venting solutions

Venting Media

Venting facilitates proper air flow within both high-tech and low-tech devices. Venting membranes and plugs can provide pressure relief, protect against leaks, allow for cooling, and provide protection against the ingress of liquids, dust, microbes, and other potentially harmful contaminants. 


Wicking solutions

Wicking Media

Wicking uses the forces of capillary action to promote manage fluid through a narrow, porous space without the assistance of – or even in opposition to – external forces like gravity. This can be seen in markers, inkjet printers, fragrance systems, and diagnostic lateral flow assay tests among other applications.