Porous Plastic Tube 

Meet Your Needs with Our Wide Range of Porous Plastic Tubes

Uncover the Potential of Porex’s Porous Plastic Tubes 

Porex offers an extensive range of porous plastic tubes in a variety of diameters, lengths, and pore sizes. Ideal for filtration, diffusion, or venting applications, these products are available in both standard and custom options, ensuring we can meet your precise specifications.

Our sintered polyethylene tubes cater to a wide array of industrial applications and offer excellent strength and chemical resistance. They can be easily processed to fit your specific needs. This adaptability guarantees that Porex’s porous plastic tubes can meet even the most precise requirements of your projects.

Porous Plastic Tube Options

Porex manufactures sintered polyethylene (PE) and porous fiber tubes in multiple global locations and ships them worldwide. The tables below show various standard options manufactured in Europe and the United States, but all options are available to ship globally.

Polyethylene (PE) Tubes

The below sintered PE tubes are manufactured in Europe but are able to be shipped globally.

Part Number     Hydrophobic  Outside Diameter (in.)   Inside Diameter (in.) Nominal Length (in.) Pore Size (µm)
5103 Yes 1.375 1.125 36 35
5108 Yes   0.75 0.50  36 60
5110 Yes 1.50 1.0  36 60
5122 Yes 1.50 1.0  36 40
5128 Yes 3.0 2.375  36 55
5138  Yes 0.75 0.50  36 20
5140 Yes 1.50 1.25  36 20
5141 Yes 2.0625 1.8125 36 20
5143 Yes 3.0 2.625  36 20
5253  Yes 1.0 0.75  36 60
5306 Yes 1.05 .81  48 20-40
5310 Yes 1.05 .81  48 25-40
5311 Yes   1.29 .960  48 25-40
5313  Yes 0.84 0.625  48 > 65
5316 Yes 2.89  2.220 48 > 45
5361 Yes 0.50 0.3 36 15-30

Conversion and Assembly Options

When it comes to converting our porous plastic tubes, many options are available to suit your specific needs. Porex has A NETWORK OF PREFERRED CONVERTERS equipped to assist with large and small projects. These converters have the expertise to guide you through the conversion process and stock some of our products for added convenience. 

Converting & Assembly Method Sintered PEBonded Fiber 
Die cutting Yes Yes 
Digital knife cutting Yes Yes 
Rotary die cutting Yes No 
Slitting No Yes 
Overmolding/injection molding No No 
Laminating Yes Yes 
Thermal and ultrasonic welding Yes Yes 
Press Fit Yes Yes 
Adhesive bonding Yes Yes 
Compression seal No No 

In addition to standard items, products may be customized to meet specific geometrical and performance requirements, including high temperature performance, custom air-flows, custom materials and dimensions.

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