Lighting & Electronic Venting

Porex Virtek PTFE® Provides the Ultimate Automotive Protection

Customized Lighting & Electronic Venting Solutions for Vehicle Safety Assurance

Even as the automotive industry has continued to evolve and innovate, manufacturers have always understood and appreciated the value of safety. Porex PTFE vents use a durable sintered material that outperforms competitive expanded materials, ensuring automotive components like batteries, electronic enclosures, and headlights perform as they were designed and do not pose a safety hazard for the end user. Whatever your automotive venting need is – let our team of experts work with you to tailor a solution that best suits your needs. 

Battery and Fuel Cell

EV Battery Vents

Porex has been supplying battery vents to leading companies around the world for decades – with venting solutions that enable adequate pressure equalization or, in the case of a failure, rapid gas release to prevent thermal runaway. Protect your electric vehicle’s battery packs with high-performance Porex Virtek PTFE protection vents that can act as a breather and safety vent.

Automotive & Lighting

Lighting Vents

Proper automotive lighting is critical to ensuring the safety of both the driver as well as others on the road at night or early in the morning. Porex Virtek PTFE consists of a robust, porous structure that can provide pressure equalization, minimize humidity flow, and protect enclosure seals from premature failure. 

Vents for mobile devices

Electronic Venting

The modern vehicle is highly dependent on electronic components – many of which must be enclosed and sealed to prevent premature failures or a safety hazards from occurring. Porex Virtek PTFE helps to reduce pressure buildups in sealed enclosures, while also repelling water, dust, oil, and other automotive fluids. 

Lead-acid Battery Vents

Lead-Acid Battery Vents

Lead-acid batteries have long served as a critical component of the automotive vehicle – powering the engine as well as the car’s accessories. Porex serves as one of the largest global suppliers of battery vents which help to control airflow and optimize back pressure, preventing acid spillage and aerosol emissions from occurring.