How we work – capabilities

Global & Local Support

A Commitment to Customer Success

Once the product has been manufactured and passed through all quality checks, Porex’s role doesn’t end. The company remains committed to supporting its customers at both the global and local levels. This support includes formalizing quality and supply agreements, monitoring production in line with the customer’s quarterly and yearly forecasts, and conducting internal testing to match external requirements.

Porex’s commitment to continuous improvement ensures that the company remains responsive to changing market conditions and customer needs. Our ability to adapt and evolve consistently delivers innovative solutions that exceed your expectations.


Porex offers comprehensive global and local support to its customers, including quality agreements, supply management, production monitoring, technical assistance, and ongoing collaboration for continuous improvement. We strive to provide a seamless customer experience and ensure that our solutions meet and exceed expectations at every stage


What is the function of the part you are looking for within the application or assembly?

What formulas / solutions / environment will the part interact with?

What are the performance requirements for functionality?

What are the size requirements?

Are there manufacturing constraints?

Final Outcome

Porex’s commitment to global and local support ensures a seamless customer experience beyond product development. By formalizing agreements and monitoring production, we ensure consistent quality and timely delivery. Our ongoing technical support and collaboration facilitate customer success, while continuous improvement initiatives guarantee responsiveness to changing market needs. Porex strives to be a trusted partner, providing comprehensive support throughout the product lifecycle.