Global Customer Care
Find the right contacts for your specific needs

Global customer care contacts

Porex is structured into dedicated teams focused on customers with similar technical, product and support needs. Each dedicated team works directly with its customers from the start of a project to full-scale production and ongoing customer care. Please select the team with whom your company works to find the correct contact email for customer support.

Air Care customers

[email protected]

Custom Porous Solutions customers

Please select the plant that you work so you can contact them directly:

BAUTZEN:  [email protected]

FAIRBURN[email protected]

MALAYSIA[email protected]

NINGBO:  [email protected]

REINBEK: [email protected]

RICHMOND: [email protected]

Diagnostics customers

[email protected]

Foam customers

[email protected]

Liquid Handling customers

[email protected]

PTFE customers

[email protected]

Specialty Products customers (low-volume orders)

[email protected]

Writing Instrument customers

[email protected]