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UV Reflective Media

Highly reflective materials for outstanding performance

Improve UV disinfection systems with highly reflective media

Our portfolio of highly reflective materials offers greater efficacy than other options and is ideal for UV disinfection and other specialty systems. Available in rolls, sheets, or three-dimensional shapes and various cut shapes and forms, our POREX Virtek® PTFE materials are up to 97% reflective and can be made to fit your specific application. 

Our UV reflective materials assure your systems meet the highest quality standards with:

  • Outstanding reflectance demonstrated by an average total reflectance of over 97% down to 210nm.
  • High-temperature performance, with a working temperature of up to 260ºC.
  • Lambertian reflectance at nearly 100%.
HVAC air handling systems

UV Air Disinfection

Ensure properly disinfected air with Porex Virtek reflective media lining your UVC air disinfection product . . .

Robotic & Mobile Disinfection Systems

UV Surface Disinfection

Ensure uniform surface disinfection by using Porex Virtek reflective media in your UVC disinfection system . . .

Home / Point-of-Use (POU) systems

UV Water Disinfection

Ensure properly disinfected water with Porex Virtek reflective media lining your UVC water treatment . . .