Area of Expertise

Consumer Goods

Enhancing Everyday Experiences with Innovative Consumer Goods Solutions

Transforming Consumer Goods with Porous Polymer Technologies

Porex’s porous polymer technologies can be seen across a multitude of consumer goods products. Whether you want to discuss a potential product concept or fix a problem with an existing product, turn to Porex to solve your most challenging design issues. Through our collaborative engineering partnership, we can leverage our material science expertise to help you reach your product’s full potential.  

Plug-in Air Freshner

Air Care

From household fragrances to insecticide products, homeowners know the importance of keeping their homes pest-free and smelling clean . . .

Cosmetic sponges

Cosmetic Makeup Sponges

With decades of experience, Porex serves as a material science expert in the cosmetic makeup sponge market . . .

Vents for mobile devices

Protection Vents for Portable Electronics

From smartphones to electric toothbrushes, consumers use a multitude of electronic devices on a daily basis. For manufacturers of . . .

Recreational Water

Water Filtration

Engineers across the world trust Porex for porous filter solutions that address complex design and engineering challenges in the water filtration . . .

Writing Instruments

For decades, Porex has served as a global leader in the science of ink flow management. Using this expertise, our engineers can design customized . . .