Custom Engineered Solutions

Explore what is possible with porous polymers.

Solve your product design challenges with Porex custom functions & technologies

Whether you want to discuss a potential product concept or fix a problem with an existing product, turn to Porex to solve product design challenges across a number of porous technologies and functional areas with our custom porous plastic solutions.

Through a collaborative engineering partnership with our customers, Porex develops high-value solutions by applying our extensive porous material science, product design, and custom plastic manufacturing expertise.

Our Collaborative Innovation Process

Unlock the power of collaboration and innovation with Porex’s dynamic approach to solving your product design challenges.


Design & Development

Transforming needs into innovative solutions through collaborative design expertise


Prototyping & Testing

Rigorous prototyping and testing for precise product refinement and optimization


Manufacturing & Quality Control

Reliable, high-quality custom solutions through meticulous quality control


Global & Local Support

Comprehensive support with a global presence throughout your product journey

Porex Custom Functions

Explore our key functional areas below to understand more about how we can help engineer custom solutions for your specific applications. In each area, you will find key applications across a variety of healthcare, consumer and industrial markets that illustrate what is possible with porous plastics. If you don’t see something that is relevant to your specific need, reach out to discuss your application with one of our engineers!

Filtration solutions


In the field of healthcare, sintered porous plastics can offer filtration capabilities which facilitate measured pharmaceutical delivery of inhalers, nebulizers, spray pumps, and other medical devices. In addition, they can be used to maintain the device’s sterility when utilizing antimicrobial additives. 

Application Solutions


Sintered porous plastics can be used to ensure leak free performance of applicators that spread a fluid, gas, or solid onto a surface or substrate. This could include topical applicators for drug delivery, writing instrument nibs, or cosmetic products which all require unique delivery and transfer of ink or formula. 

Venting solutions


Designing protective vents using sintered porous plastics can allow for the escape or release of fumes, a liquid, a gas, or steam in various applications. This could include IV catheters which must vent out air as blood fills the chamber or electronics that need protection against dust and moisture.

diffusion outline


Experience consistent and evenly distributed vapor release with Porex’s customized diffusion solutions. Our material science and design expertise ensures exceptional performance, durability, and adaptability for both industrial and consumer applications.

absorption function


For targeted gas detection and air filtration applications, sintered porous plastics can help to absorb various airborne particles that otherwise may impact detection capabilities and/or pose a safety concern for those exposed.

Porex Custom Technologies

Porous polymers deliver a nearly endless versatility for both next-generation products and existing products where functional issues need to be fixed. When product designers select which material technology to use, they often use custom-engineered porous polymer materials to take their product’s performance to the next level.

Sintered Porous Plastic

Sintered porous plastics are engineered from various polymers with controlled pore sizes to provide outstanding strength, durability, chemical resistance, resiliency, and design flexibility across multiple applications.

Porous Fiber

When Porex enabled the rapid production of bonded fiber components from a range of bi-component and specialty fiber materials, it opened the door to numerous new blends and fiber combinations for multiple markets.

Porous Foam

Porous foam by Porex is created via a two-step prepolymer process that creates open-cell polyurethane foam. Our open-cell foam technology platform is developed using proprietary or customized blends of raw materials created through a clean polyurethane process without the use of catalysts.

PTFE Membrane

PTFE membrane (Polytetrafluoroethylene) technology uses patented and proprietary processes to sinter then skive PTFE into rolled membrane materials that can then be converted into numerous other forms.