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Makeup Blender Sponges Customized to Your Needs

Reusable makeup blender sponges by Porex can be used with any makeup formulation, cream, moisturizer, or remover and are available in a variety of patented or customizable shapes and sizes. Whether you need precision, all-over coverage, stippling, or blending functionality, Porex has the expertise and resources to design a 100% latex-free makeup blender sponge specific to your needs. In addition, we can include antimicrobials, skincare additives, as well as a wide variety of color pigments and dyes, including natural and color changing.

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Options for customizing makeup blender sponges

Key Features & Benefits

  • Made in the USA
  • Rounded ends to smoothen foundation
  • Tapered points used to blend in especially hard to reach areas like the corner of the eyes
  • Flat edges for contouring and dry powder application
  • Washable and reusable for up to 6 months depending on frequency of use.
Material 100% Polyurethane Foam
Cell count
(pores per inch)
100 – 250
Durometer Shore 000 – 20-80*
Recovery Time ASTM D3574 Test M <5 seconds
Tear Strength 300-1400N/m
Tensile Strength 10-60 PSI (90-425 kPa)
(Ball Rebound Test)
ASTM D 3574 Test H – 5-15%
Indentation Force
Deflection Test
Specific Deflection
(25%/65%) – 15-35/35-95 lbs**
Thickness 2-50mm
Volume Expansion 2-63.5mm
Density 5-14 lbs***
*as measured by STC-QI-GFTM SD-1000
**Support Factor – 2.6-3
***Test A – 75-130kg/m3, 4.75-8lbs/ft3
***ASTM D 3574

Geometric Options

  • Porex Patented shapes
  • Custom shapes
  • Varied and custom textures

Infusion Options

    • Antimicrobial
    • Skincare additives
    • Wide variety of color pigments and dyes, including natural and color changing

Converting Options

  • Grinding
  • Unit and bulk packaging
Porous Laboratory Components

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