Inline Vacuum Filters

Filter dust from the vacuum flow

Protect vacuum pumps, vacuum switches and valves from contamination

POREX® Inline Vacuum Filters filter dust and other small particles from the vacuum flow to reduce risk of operation breakdown or stoppage in the pump. The miniature filters can be used on compressed air lines or vacuum lines to protect vacuum pumps, vacuum switches and valves from contamination.

The Inline Filters are constructed of chemically inert porous polyethylene and has a recommended working pressure up to 65 psig. The translucent, inert polypropylene housing allows for visual inspection of the filter.

In addition to industrial applications, these filters can also meet the diverse needs of filtration solutions for gases, fuels, and other liquids. With their high-performance filter elements and durable construction, POREX® Inline Filters provide effective particle retention and enhance the overall efficiency of your systems.

InTake Filters

Options for INLINE reagent and degassing filters

Key Features & Benefits

    • Versatile Filtration: Suitable for filtering laboratory reagents, gas, air, fuel, and more.

    • Superior Particle Trapping: The tortuous path filter element housed in solid polyethylene efficiently captures particles as small as 10 micrometers.

    • Multiple Options: Available in 10, 25, and 125-micron sizes, with a length of 2.394 inches (60.81 mm).

    • Reliable Performance: Retention efficiency tested per ASTM F795-88 in water, with particle sizes ranging from 25 to 30 microns.

    • Convenient Packaging: Packaged with 500 filters per package and 5 packages per case, ensuring an adequate supply for your filtration needs.

Catalog No. Filtration Efficiency Retention Efficiency Filtration Medium
6621 10 µm 99.3 UHMWPE
6618 25 µm 79.7 HDPE
6623 125 µm 99.9 HDPE
7438 10 µm 99.3 UHMWPE
7439 25 µm 79.7 HDPE
8020 25 µm 99.0 UHMWPE + Carbon
9069 125 µm 99.9 HDPE

Porous Laboratory Components

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