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Point-of-Use Water Filtration

Custom Innovations for Optimal Water Filtration Performance

Maximize Point-of-Use Water Filtration Efficiency Through Innovative Filter Media

Walk into the kitchen and you are bound to find at least one point-of-use water filter. It could be mounted under the sink, attached to the facet, nestled in the water pitcher in the fridge, or in a sports bottle on the counter. As public awareness of water safety has risen, so too has the demand for point-of-use water filtration devices. Manufacturers of these devices have sprung at the opportunity, leading to a highly competitive market where end users now have many options to choose from. With that, it has become more critical than ever to differentiate through innovation that not only assures safety of the drinking water, but also improves speed of filtration, taste, and filter life. Using decades of material science expertise and filtration application experience, Porex has the global operations and capabilities to engineer porous filter solutions that address the complex design challenges you may be facing.

Porex’s specialty-grade carbon filters, which have been tested by internal and third-party laboratories, can be designed and sized for water dispensers, pitchers, and bottles. They are custom engineered to remove sediment, heavy metals, chlorine, and chloramine from water in a single-pass filtration process that meets NSF Class I standards. When considering your device’s porous media, partner with a single-source supplier like Porex who can work with you to develop a tailored solution that’s a perfect fit.

Other Applications:

  • Carbon Block Pre-Filters
  • Media Support Disks & Tubes
  • Melt Blown Filter Cartridges

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Optimized Filtration That Improves Water Safety and Taste

Options for customizing point-of-use water filtration media

Key Features & Benefits

  • Up to 99% effectiveness in particle removal down to 10µ
  • Up to 99% effectiveness in removing harmful lead and other heavy metals
  • Up to 99% effectiveness in removing chloramine and up to 99.999% effectiveness in removing chloride which can improve taste and smell of drinking water
  • Custom flow rates and purity levels
  • No carbon shedding
  • Custom shapes and sizes for more compact designs
  • Tunable surface areas which can be tailored to high-pressure and low-pressure applications
  • Faster flow rates
  • Longer filter lifetime (4X leading market options)
  • Specialty grade carbon
  • 2D shapes
  • 3D shapes
Porous Laboratory Components

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Using Porous Polymers for Filtration

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