Plastic Filter Housing

Self-Contained Preliminary Filters for Gases and Fluids

Protect equipment from corrosion and contamination

POREX® plastic filter housings are self-contained preliminary filters for both gases and fluids. Designed to protect vacuum equipment, pneumatic control units, pumps, and motors from corrosion and chemicals, our plastic filter housings are also an economical pre-filtration alternative for potable water and reverse osmosis systems. These products are available via our distributor Wolftechnik in Germany.

Plastic Filter Housings

Options for plastic filter housings

Key Features & Benefits

  • Ensure quality performance – POREX plastic filter housings are FDA, Reach, and RoHs certified.
  • Are available in multiple configurations with BSP and NPT thread types.
  • Available via our distributor Wolftechnik in Germany

 POREX® Plastic Housing Specifications
Connection Size Installation Depth (mm) Installation Width (mm) Overall Height (mm)
PFH-L 3/8″ 112 90 125
PFH-L 1/2″ 114 90 129
PFH-L 3/4″ 116 90 135
PFH-S 1/8″ 83 58 92
PFH-S 1/4″ 84 74 94
PFH-S 3/8″ 86 74 98
PFH-S 1/2″ 87 74 101
PFH-XS 1/8″ 48 58 57
PFH-XS 1/4″ 49 74 59
PFH-XS 3/8″ 51 74 63
PFH-XS 1/2″ 53 74 67

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