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Bioprocessing Media

Spargers, floating filters, wicks, vents, and pre-filters for tangential flow filtration

Robust and versatile media for single-use bioprocessing applications

Our custom bioprocessing media and filters – including spargers, floating filters, wicks, vents, and pre-filters for tangential flow filtration – can be used in a wide range of applications.

As a complete porous materials solution, POREX® bioprocessing media provide critical functionality and performance in single-use bioprocessing applications.

Bioprocessing Media

Sparger Solutions for Effective Bioprocessing

As part of our extensive range of bioprocessing media and filters, we offer top-tier sparger solutions that provide exceptional performance in diverse bioprocessing applications. Our uniquely designed spargers are efficient in operation and constructed to adhere to strict engineering standards, thus making them an ideal choice for any engineer looking for reliable bioprocessing components.

For an optimized gas transfer, bubble size and distribution are key elements in sparger design. At POREX, we provide robust, customizable, sparger solutions with versatile performance, improving your bioprocessing systems’ efficiency.

Options for customizing porous bioprocessing media and filters

Key Features & Benefits

    • Robust and easily incorporated using common techniques such as press-fitting, heat-staking, and ultrasonic welding.

    • Ensure performance, accuracy, and reproducibility–CERTIFIED PURE POREX® materials and filters are rigorously tested and qualified by independent analytical, clinical, and life cycle microbiology laboratories to help ensure the purity demanded in bioprocessing applications.

    • Comply with regulatory standards–POREX bioprocessing media and filters are USP Class VI, Gamma sterilization, and TSE/BSE compliant.

Common Applications

  • Spargers
  • Prefilters
  • Wicks
  • Vents
  • Tangential flow filters
  • Floating filters

Bioprocessing Media Filter

Geometric Options

  • Sheets
  • Tubes
  • Complex three-dimensional structures

Material Options

  • Advanced porous materials (PE, PP)
  • Porous PTFE (POREX Virtek)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bioactivated porous media



8-20 Micron average pore size polyethylene

2.5 L/min air flow | 5 L/min air flow | 10 L/min air flow

20-40 Micron average pore size polyethylene  polyethylene 20-40 Micron average pore size  polyethylene 20-40 Micron average pore size

20-40 Micron average pore size polyethylene

2.5 L/min air flow  |  5 L/min air flow  |  10 L/min air flow

polyethylene  polyethylene 20-40 Micron average pore size  polyethylene in 20-40 Micron average pore size

*1/2” OD tube
*Pore size measured by mercury intrusion porosimetr



Porous Laboratory Components

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