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Printer Ink Reservoirs and Vents

Enhance Your Printing System Performance

Precision Control of Ink Absorption & Release Using Porex Printer Reservoirs & Vents

As a global leader in printer inkjet reservoir media, Porex creates the materials with the highest capacities and ink release rates – all tailored to your specific printer system’s needs. Our ink reservoir media can be offered in complex geometries and various gradient density configurations for precision control of ink absorption and release. Customized high-release media (HRM) materials release 80% to 90% of your ink for maximum cost-effectiveness and customer satisfaction. In addition, our hydrophobic and oleophobic free-ink sintered Virtek® PTFE vents, which can be welded onto the ink reservoir, allow free ink systems to ventilate while repelling ink. These vents can be handled and processed using standard assembly methods without compromising material structure or performance. For 3D printers, Porex also offers a wide variety of standard and custom solutions, including diffusers, air and liquid filters, wicks, vents, and absorptive media.

Porex uses the highest quality materials for its ink reservoir and venting media to deliver optimal ink release rates and flow consistency for even the most complex printing systems. Additionally, Porex has options for ink wicks and 3D printer filters, and diffusers – all customizable to your needs.

Options for customizing printer ink reservoirs and vents

Key Features & Benefits

  • Deliver the highest release rate on the market – Customized HRM (High Release Media) materials release from 80% – 90% of your ink for maximum cost effectiveness and customer satisfaction.
  • Absorb and deliver high ink capacity–Ink management components can be customized in various shapes and sizes based on your printer’s design needs.
Typical Membrane Properties and Ratings
Material IP Rating † WEP mbar Airflow l/hr/cm2 @70mbar Filtration Efficiency** >99.99% Thickness (mm) Max Operating Temp °C Salt Fog1 Hydrophobic Oleophobic
PMA10 64, 67, 68 370 75 0.4 μ 0.18 260 No Pen. Yes Yes
PMA15 65, 67, 68 520 25 0.1 μ 0.25 260 No Pen. Yes Yes
PMA20 65, 66, 67, 68 1050 7 0.19 μ 0.19 260 No Pen. Yes Yes
WEP = Water Entry Pressure
** According to IEST RP-CC007.2 2009

Will Pass Condition Dependent
† IEC STD. 60529, IP 68 is a User Defined Test
Testing Results Available Upon Request
  • Manufactured into nearly any imaginable shape
Porous Laboratory Components

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