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New Technology for Cosmetics Applicators Offers Top-Notch Hygiene

Fairburn, GA (October 31, 2017) – Cosmetics designers can now achieve superior hygiene with an applicator material featuring enhanced antimicrobial protection. This new alternative for applicator tips uses an innovative technology that kills bacteria directly on the applicator surface. Introduced by Porex Corporation (“POREX®”) for use with foundations, concealers, lip stains and other liquid-based cosmetics applicators, Nubiform® with Porex® Barrier Technology is a unique elastomer that can end the harmful spread of germs between the skin and a makeup product.

POREX® Barrier Technology can be locked in and woven throughout the open-cell, porous structure of Nubiform to attack unwanted microbial organisms commonly found on skin and faces. Traditional applicator materials that don’t incorporate this kind of targeted technology require more frequent cleansing and replacement, resulting in more maintenance time for users.

Due to its built-in bacteria-fighting feature, Nubiform also has the potential to reduce the number of preservatives cosmetics designers need to incorporate into their products. Including this kind of antimicrobial protection within an applicator enables designers of premium cosmetics to create a more hygienic makeup product that better meets the growing consumer demand for natural products with fewer preservatives and cleaner labels.

The more hygienic nature of Nubiform with POREX® Barrier Technology, combined with the porous material’s ability to provide crisp application, makes it a high-performing and convenient product for makeup wearers on the go. Applicators that use Nubiform allow for cleaner lines and smoother, more uniform coverage of a variety of makeup formulations. The material’s flexible texture also provides a cushioned, comfortable application experience for the consumer.

“Nubiform presents an opportunity for cosmetics designers to elevate their applicators from all angles,” says Rusty Martin, Global Strategic Marketing Director Consumer and Industrial Segments at POREX. “The cutting-edge antimicrobial feature adds an unparalleled standard of hygiene to an applicator designed for precision, meaning makeup wearers can feel confident and clean when creating a complex makeup look.”

To learn more about Nubiform, visit nubiform.porex.com.

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