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Chromatography Media Support and Filters

Advanced Solutions for Chromatography Media Support and Filters

Superior material expertise for chromatography frits, filters and other applications

Known for its leadership and innovative solutions, Porex brings a wealth of engineering experience to the design and manufacture of porous plastics, porous composites, functionalized porous media, bio-activated porous media, and other high-performance porous materials in the separations industry. 

Affinity Filters and Supports

POREX® affinity filters and supports are an innovative range of advanced porous materials that enhance functionality through surface modification or sorbent addition. Designed to capture, clean-up, desalt and purify peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides. POREX affinity filters and supports help optimize flow and retention variables and can be used in pipette tips, multi-well plates, spin down and gravity flow centrifuge columns.

Dissolution Filters

POREX® Dissolution Filters are used in conjunction with pharmaceutical tablet and capsule products to help filter contaminates during the dissolution testing process. Heavy metal free POREX Dissolution Filters are available in cannula, circular/disk and filter frit designs in a wide variety of porosities.

SPE Frits & High Throughput Automation Filters

POREX® offers a variety of PE, PP and porous PTFE chromatography filters — commonly known as chromatography frits, for use in commercially available SPE columns, cartridges or multi-well SPE plates to facilitate column concentration to a vacuum manifold, needle or collection vessel. Hydrophilic, oleophobic, blended-resin, and functionalized materials are also available for use in the most challenging chromatography applications.

Protein Precipitation Media

Protein precipitation is widely used in downstream processing of biological products to concentrate proteins and purify them from various contaminants.  POREX® Precipitation Membranes aid in the removal of contaminating lipids, salts and proteins from samples prior to LC-MS/MS without plugging or breakthrough. Designed to retain acetonitrile, methanol and other organic solvents our protein precipitation media solutions.

SPE Frits and High Throughput Automation Filters

Options for chromatography media support and filters

Key Features & Benefits

Our POREX® chromatography products and media can be:

    • Manufactured from multiple materials, including polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP), and sintered polytetrafluorethylene (POREX Virtek® PTFE) for a wide range of applications, including separation columns and sample extraction techniques.
    • Custom-designed for a variety of solutions, including chromatography Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) frits, high-throughput automation filters, affinity filters and supports, dissolution filters, and protein precipitation filters and media.

Free of PFOA, Porex chromatography frits and filters offer:

  • Controlled flow for optimized reaction time (kinetic control).
  • Superior resin support due to narrow pore size distribution.
  • Cleanliness and high purity with very low levels of extractables, leachables and particle shedding.
  • Custom designs in various disc, spherical, and other geometries to help ensure a tight material seal, optimized assembly operation and no resin bypass.
  • Fast & easy assembly in mass production – rigid structure facilitates manufacturing processes.
  • Compliance with (EC) 1907/2006 REACH / Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 POP

Product Number Airflow
(Min. @70mbar)
(Typ. @70mbar)
Dry Filtration
BM10 14 30 200 360 1.0 260
BM15 25 84 30 120 1.0 260
BM20 50 90 10 80 1.0 260
BM25 11 20 200 400 1.5 260
BM30 16 50 120 200 1.5 260
BM35 25 60 40 140 1.5 260
BM40 25 55 20 100 1.5 260
BM45 8 18 220 430 2.0 260
BM50 16 40 80 200 2.0 260
BM55 18 50 50 180 2.0 260
BM60 25 50 20 140 2.0 260
BM65 6 12 250 450 3.0 260
BM70 14 32 90 230 3.0 260
BM75 14 35 70 245 3.0 260
BM80 15 40 20 200 3.0 260
BM105 1 2.5 800 1000 1.0 260 0.1µ
BM110 0.75 2 800 110 1.5 260 0.1µ
BM115 0.5 2 820 1150 2.0 260 0.1µ
BM120 0.25 1 840 1400 3.0 260 0.1µ
*WEP = Water Entry Pressure
** Test results to be available in the future
Properties are typical and not meant for specifications. Selected options and adhesives may affect properties
Complete testing data and information is available upon request – all exceeded the standard BFE value of 98%
RoHS, WEEE, REACH Compliant (PFOA Free)

Geometric Options

  • Sheets
  • Rods
  • Tubes
  • Molded 3-D shapes
  • Die-cut shapes


  • Solid Phase Extraction (SPE) Media Supports (Frits) for Columns and Cartridges
  • 48, 96, 384 and 1536 Well Plates
  • Flash Chromatography Supports
  • Low-Pressure Column Supports
  • Protein Purification
  • High Speed Automation
  • Bioanalytical Analysis
  • Drug Discovery
  • Spin Columns
  • Gravity Flow Centrifuge Columns

Porous Laboratory Components

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