Life Sciences – Laboratory Filtration

Sample Preparation Devices

Multi-function sampling devices for a streamlined workflow

POREX® multi-function sampling devices that reduce sample error, and instrument downtime while streamlining workflow.

Achieving accurate and reliable test results starts with proper sample preparation. At POREX, we understand the critical role of sample integrity in diagnostic and analytical processes. Our comprehensive range of sample preparation solutions is designed to minimize errors, reduce instrument downtime, and streamline workflow, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.

Discover the power of POREX sample preparation devices, uniquely engineered to meet the diverse needs of laboratories and clinical settings. From advanced blood serum filters to versatile prefiltration systems, our products are designed to simplify and enhance the sample preparation process, delivering consistent and accurate results.

Pre-Analytic Serum Filters

Serum Filters

Explore FILTER SAMPLER® Blood Serum Filters: Ensure accurate results by eliminating gel particulates and fibrin interference. Enhance sample integrity.

Sample Preparation

SQ-EASY Prefilters

Streamline sample preparation with SQ-EASY® PreFilters: Disposable, efficient, and versatile systems for off-line sample processing.

InTake Filters

Inline Filters

Enhance your filtration process with POREX® INLINE™ Filters: Reliable, high-performance solutions for laboratory reagents, gases, and liquids.