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SQ-EASY Pre-Filters

Off-line Sample Preparation with Advanced Pre-Filtration Solutions

Enhancing Off-line Sample Preparation for Accurate Test Results

Achieving accurate test results relies on the integrity of the sample. At Porex Corporation, we recognize the critical role of sample preparation in ensuring reliable outcomes. Our clinical science products are meticulously engineered to serve as multi-functional, all-in-one sample preparation devices. By leveraging our expertise in unique manufacturing processes and utilizing proprietary and patented technologies, we deliver high-performance solutions that prioritize sterility, accuracy, and reproducibility across a range of in vitro diagnostic (IVD), molecular, and diagnostic applications.

With SQ-EASY® Pre-Filters, we present a disposable and efficient filtration system designed to optimize offline sample preparation. These self-contained filtration systems are specifically developed for applications involving stool, serum, diluted whole blood, urine, and throat swab assays. We offer individual components that can be purchased separately, allowing for customization in tube size and filtration efficiencies. Each component is conveniently packaged in quantities of 100 or 1,000 units per package, offering flexibility and scalability to meet your specific needs.

Sample Preparation

Key Features of SQ-EASY Pre-Filters:

  • Reducing cost and minimizing errors – The SQ-EASY® prefilter Incorporates multiple steps of sample preparation into one convenient system.  Separately sold components allow for flexibility in tube size and filtration efficiency.
  • Ensuring purity of PCR-ready materials – The delivery of pure, clean material allows for use in clinical or molecular diagnostic testing, PCR methodologies and other DNA/RNA extraction procedures.
  • Customizing specific functionality needs – Functional materials can be added to help isolate analytes, allowing for customization.

Options for ordering SQ-Easy pre-filters

POREX® SQ-EASY™ Filter Tip (Assembled With Filter Medium)
Catalog No. Partical Retention* Filtration Medium* Packaging
X79860 1 micrometer Glass Fiber + UHMWPE Hydrophilic 100/Pk
X78840 5 micrometer Glass Fiber + UHMWPE Hydrophilic 1000/Pk
X79830 10 micrometer UHMWPE Hydrophilic 100/Pk
X79840 15 micrometer HDPE Hydrophilic 100/Pk
X79850 25 micrometer HDPE Hydrophilic 100/Pk
POREX® SQ-EASY™ Closure Cap
Catalog No. Packaging
X73760 1000/Pk
Catalog No. Volume Packaging
X79280 2 ml 100/Pk
X79290 3.5 ml 100/Pk
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