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These are cell culture inserts shown in a variety of sizes.
Three cell culture inserts in different sit near a well plate

Cell culturing is a fundamental technique used to study and cultivate human or animal cells in controlled environments. It plays a vital role in various fields, such as biochemistry, molecular biology, and drug testing. By cultivating cells, researchers can gain insights into metabolic processes and assess the effectiveness of drugs, vaccines, and therapeutic proteins.

Cell culture inserts from our sister company, Oxyphen, feature UNIQUE-MEM® track-etched membranes, directly bonded to the insert. This unique combination ensures a strong bond between the plastic body and the smooth membrane surface, making them suitable for large inserts and unconventional cell culture formats.  

These customizable track-etched membranes are particularly suitable due to their precise performance parameters. They offer flexibility, allowing you to choose from standard hanging designs or customized inserts based on your specific needs. 


Options for customizing cell culture inserts

  • Excellent cell attachment and growth
  • Best fluorescence imaging quality
  • High visibility of particles and cells
  • Backflushing allows reproducible sample recovery
  • 100% Free of PFOA: Compliant with (EC) 1907/2006 REACH / Regulation (EU) 2019/1021 POP 
Rane Material Pore Size Application
PET small 0.4 um Co-Culturing
Drug Transport Studies
Basolateral Diffusion
Cytotoxicity studies
PET large 3.0 – 8.0um Cell invasion
Transport of larger molecules (lipoproteins, viruses)
Trans-endothelial migration
smooth muscle migration
PC TBD Please talk to one our experts for PC as a material option. 


Membrane Material Opacity Application
PET Translucent Electron Microscope
PET Transparent Light Microscope
Electron Microscope


Membrane Material # of wells
PET Multiwell plates (48 / 96 well)
PET Multiwell plates (48 / 96 well)


Cell culture inserts (6 / 12 / 24 well)

Air Flow Up to 800 l / (bar cm2 min) 
Pore Size 0.1µm to 10µm 
Pore Density 0.01M to 1,000M pores per cm2 
Thickness 8µm to 50µm 
Temperature Range – 40°C and 160°C (up to 200°C)​ 
Hydrophilic Treatments  Various hydrophilic treatments increase water flow rate and wetting abilities of the membrane 
Sterilization Procedures Stable against Gamma and X-ray 
Specification Unique-Mem® Track-Etched Membranes RoTrac® Track-Etched Membranes
Bandwidth (mm)
10, 13, 14.5, 20 & custom sizes
High Quality Raw Materials
PET – naturally slightly hydrophilic
PC – naturally slightly hydrophobic
PET-Membrane/ PET-Nonwoven –harder
PET-Membrane/ PP-Nonwoven – softer
Pore Size Ranges
0.1µm to 10µm
0.2µm to 3.0µm
Pore Density Ranges
105 to 109 pores per cm2
2×106 bis 3×108 pores per cm2
Thickness Ranges
8µm to 50µm
90µm to 220µm
Temperature Ranges
– 40°C and 160°C (for special application < 200°C)
– 40°C and 130°C (for special application < 160°C)
Air Flow Ranges
Up to 800 l / (bar cm2 min)
Up to 37 l / (bar cm2 min)
Hydrophilic Treatments
Various hydrophilic treatments increase water flow rate and wetting abilities of the membrane (example: PVP treatment)
Hydrophobic / Oleophobic Treatment:
Grade up to 7.5; AATCC TM 118
Salt spray resistance test2
According to IEC 60068-2-52, based on validation by the customer
Temperature resistance test1
In accordance with ISO 16750-4
Ice water shock test1&2
In accordance with ISO 16750-4
Climate resistance test
In accordance with ISO 16750-4
Chemical resistance test1
According LV124/ ISO 16750-5
IP Protection1
IP 64/65/66/67/68, according to DIN 40050

1 Testing in Progress

2 Based on Customer Validation

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Final test report from Nelson Labs for Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) at an Increased Challenge Level. Also available is the Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) report.

Final test report from Nelson Labs for Bacterial Filtration Efficiency (BFE) at an Increased Challenge Level. Also available is the Viral Filtration Efficiency (VFE) report.

Learn more about OxyDisc® die-cut membrane discs that can be produced using either hydrophobic or hydrophilic membranes and easily handled and mounted using multiple assembly options to suit a variety of industries.

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