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Pipette Tip Filters

An optimized pipette filter assures that scientific instruments meet the highest quality standards.

Improve scientific and patient outcomes with pure materials and innovative pipette tip filter technology

Our innovative pipette filers ensure that scientific samples and instruments meet the highest quality standards to help you succeed in today’s competitive global markets.

Available in various materials and performance characteristics, our pipette filters are specifically designed to protect the pipette body by helping prevent liquid bypass, cross-contamination, and airborne contaminants from being drawn into the tips. Your pipette filter project will be individually designed for optimized pore size, filter length, pipette tip fit, filter placement, and liquid draw volume.

  • The highest level of cleanliness and purity demanded for new and emerging analytical, IVD, and molecular diagnostic procedures.
  • Optimized pipetting performance in manual and robotic designs with precise fit and functionality.
  • Assurance of quality and purity through the CERTIFIED PURE POREX® program, which includes verified third-party testing on leachables, extractables, material additives, heavy metals, and contaminants that can cause methodology interferences. 

Porex Attains ACT® Label from My Green Lab®

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Options for customizing various types of pipette filters

FORTRESS® Pipette Tip Filters

Winner of the 2019 Edison Award for Innovation, our FORTRESS Pipette Filters offer a liquid-sealing barrier devoid of any contaminants or additives that can cause PCR, molecular or analytical methodology and protocol issues. FORTRESS pipette tip filters are manufactured with a proprietary PE matrix with optimized airflow that is 100% inert, hydrophobic and pure.

Specifically designed to protect the sample and the pipetter from harmful aerosols generated during the pipetting process or from liquid aspirated into pipette tips, our pipette filters:

  • Ensure purity – Non-leachable and extractable sample recovery is backed by the CERTIFIED PURE POREX program of independent analytical, clinical and life science testing.
  • Protect sample integrity – Seal out aerosols and liquid contaminants while preventing cross-contamination and sample carryover.
  • Improve accuracy and precision – Design is optimized for maximum consistency in air flow, form, fit and function across a broad spectrum of pipetting volumes

Automation Certified and Robotic Pipette Tip Filters

Maximum consistency in airflow, filter purity and aerosol containment

POREX® Automation Certified Pipette Filters are customized and optimized to meet the fit, air flow and volume placement of your specific robotic and automated liquid-handling instruments, sample processors and dispensing systems.

To streamline laboratory operations and production, these automation and robotic pipette tip filters are backed by the CERTIFIED PURE POREX® Program and:

  • Maximize air flow – Deliver optimal dispensing and pipetting performance across a wide range of liquid volumes.
  • Prevent cross-contamination – Eliminate aerosol bypass and sample carryover.
  • Increase sample throughput – Provide tighter tolerance control for increasing laboratory workflow and reducing instrument downtime.

Serological Pipet Filters

Higher performance and aerosol protection with customized solutions

Protect serological pipet and samples from contamination, fast draw uptake and unintentional sample expulsion with a family of customizable aerosol barrier filters.

Tailored to meet the correct fit, air flow and volume placement within your pipettes, our serological filters protect lab personnel, maintain productivity and:

  • Safeguard samples – Use aerosol barrier filters instead of cotton or colored plugs.
  • Improve quality and safety – Reduce fast draw sample uptake and stop samples from exiting the pipette.
Porous Laboratory Components

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