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Fume Absorbers

Prevent operating room infections by controlling harmful fumes

Prevent exposure to noxious fumes

Porex® porous fume absorbers are used in bone cement mixing devices to conveniently and efficiently eradicate noxious fumes generated in the mixing process during surgical procedures in hospital operating rooms.

Designed with porous plastic disks that surround activated carbon material, Porex fume absorbers create a porous fume filter that supports balanced air flow rates and optimal back flow pressure and out-gas residence times.

Fume Absorber

Key Features & Benefits

Accommodating device fit requirements with its specified part geometry, our porous fume absorbers:

  • Prevent toxic fume and gas escape in operating rooms by effectively absorbing these fumes and gases before discharge from the mixing chamber.
  • Balance airflow with residence time for optimal absorption within a specific device geometry.
  • Accommodate easy press-fit assembly — Complex, layered component is designed for a simple press-fit assembly into the mixing device.

Porous Laboratory Components

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Using Porous Polymers for Filtration

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