Life Sciences – Medical Devices

Topical Applicators

Functional components for topical drug delivery systems

Improve fluid-based application of substances to the skin

Topical drug delivery systems require accurately releasing and applying liquids or solids onto the skin. The complexity of these solutions can be easy to ignore. Seemingly basic designs require a sophisticated interplay between different types of porous material components – each performing different functions – in order to produce a dependable system for controlled and precise application. At Porex, we apply our material science expertise across fiber, porous plastics, foam, and our innovative Nubiform® technology, for precise application solutions used in the life sciences and other industries.

As a partner for the world’s leading companies and brands, Porex engineers solve technical challenges for drug delivery manufacturers with unique, high-quality components and resources. We design and manufacture functional components covering all major drug delivery modalities, including infusion, nasal, oral and topical or transdermal medical devices.

Topical Applicators

Applicator Nibs

POREX® topical applicator nibs are designed for fluid-based application of sealing agents for wound closure, such as surgical adhesive or drug delivery in dental treatment applications, and can also serve as a filter if the solutions are mixed and expressed from crushed glass ampoules. The applicator technology is adaptable to a variety of drug delivery needs.

Electrolyte Reservoirs and Wicks

Applicator Reservoirs

POREX® drug delivery reservoirs are designed to be loaded with pharmaceutical agents and can be incorporated into topical applicators. Reservoirs can be developed from porous polymer or porous fiber materials, depending on the design and functional performance requirements of the reservoir.