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Advanced Fluid Management for Topical Applicators

Advanced Fluid Management with High-Efficiency Applicator Reservoirs

Discover the cutting-edge technology of POREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs for drug applicators, revolutionizing fluid management in medical devices. These reservoirs have been meticulously designed to optimize fluid utilization and ensure precise and reliable drug application. With a strong focus on performance and waste reduction, POREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs redefine the standards of fluid delivery in the medical industry.

Benefit from the ingenious gradient density design and active fluid management approach employed in POREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs. Unlike traditional passive reservoirs, these reservoirs actively draw fluid into their inner core, facilitating optimal fluid delivery to the applicator. This innovative capillary action enables healthcare professionals to exert precise control over fluid flow, ensuring accurate and efficient medication administration. Experience consistent and controlled fluid release, eliminating the risk of over- or under-dosing.

Electrolyte Reservoirs and Wicks

Improved Fluid Utilization and Enhanced End-of-Life Indication

With POREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs, achieve superior fluid utilization, promoting efficient delivery to the applicator. These reservoirs have been engineered to eliminate wastage and facilitate seamless fluid transfer, empowering healthcare professionals to administer medications without any inefficiencies. The active fluid management system enables optimal fluid flow, ensuring precise dosage control and minimizing the need for frequent refills.

Furthermore, POREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs boast an advanced end-of-life indication mechanism. Through a patent-pending design, these reservoirs provide a distinct transition when nearing depletion, offering a clear signal for replacement. This feature allows for easy identification of when a refill is required, avoiding interruptions in medication administration and maintaining consistent treatment.

Customized Solutions for Topical Applicator Reservoirs

OREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs are tailored to meet specific device design and functional requirements, providing customized solutions for diverse fluid delivery needs. These reservoirs can accommodate a wide range of fluid viscosities, flow rates, and application techniques. Whether it’s for precise drug delivery or other medical applications, POREX® High-Efficiency Reservoirs offer unparalleled versatility and performance to ensure optimal fluid management in your medical device.

Porous Laboratory Components

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