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Inhalation Devices

Functional components for inhaled drug delivery systems

Inhalation device components for accuracy and optimized performance 

The effectiveness of inhalation devices relies on their ability to deliver a pharmaceutical directly to the targeted part of the body with precision and calculated dosing. It’s common for patients to make errors when using medical devices, which can negatively affect their well-being. This is especially true for devices that are placed in the nose or mouth, which can be contaminated by viral or bacterial particles, further reducing their safety. 

By addressing these design challenges with custom components made from Porex porous polymers, inhalation device manufacturers can improve performance, ensure purity and sterility, reduce user errors, and achieve cost savings through reduced complexity and increased efficiency. Porex components can also offer solutions for mixed particle sizing with large- and small-molecule combinations, optimizing effective drug delivery regardless of the formulation. 

As a partner for the world’s leading companies and brands, Porex is your partner in innovation for custom inhalation filtration media and reservoirs, enabling inhaler manufacturers to save money by replacing expensive metal mesh filters, making the end device easier to assemble, and optimizing reservoir efficiency so that costly therapeutics can be used sparingly for the same results.

Nasal Inhaler and Spray Pump Filters

Inhalation Filters & Vents

Custom porous solutions for nasal inhalers, pump sprays, oral inhalers, and nebulizers.

Customized POREX® products offer manufacturers ease of assembly while effectively protecting pharmaceuticals from contamination, delivering accurate dosing, and optimizing the patient experience.

A parent helps a baby us a nebulizer for therapy

Inhalation Reservoirs & Wicks

Custom components retain medications with integrity and maximize volumetric efficiency.

Carefully designed reservoirs and wicks are necessary for manufacturing a device that will deliver accurate, consistent dosing. Reservoirs can be developed from porous polymer or porous fiber materials.