Secrets to Improving the Efficiency of Your Gas Sensors

On-Demand Webinar

With: Dr. Simon Forster, PhD
Managing Director, Porex Membrane Technologies

With: George Lowe
Sales Manager – PTFE, Porex Membrane Technologies

Why watch this on-demand webinar?

The rising need for detecting and monitoring gases in crucial end-use industries drives exciting market growth. Manufacturers’ constant innovation is strategically important

In this webinar, you will learn how to:

  • Increase the lifespan of your gas sensors, leading to superior customer satisfaction.
  • Lower production costs to boost your profit margins.
  • Increase the accuracy of your sensor readings, ensuring greater safety for your end users.
  • Improve response times, making your devices more efficient.
  • Replace delicate materials, simplifying handling during assembly.

Porex is a world leader in developing innovative porous membrane technologies that protect and enhance electrochemical gas sensor performance – providing unique insights into the challenges faced by sensor manufacturers.

Join Dr. Simon Forster, PhD, and George Lowe in this webinar to learn more about the big issues facing the gas sensor industry – with real-life case studies and the latest statistics:

  • As supply chain and manufacturing become fully automated, how do gas sensors fit into Industry 4.0?
  • What new industry sectors are electrochemical gas sensors being used in?
  • Which regulatory and safety standards are pushing innovation in sensor technology?
  • How do you increase longevity, improve performance, and maximize safety?

POREX Virtek® microporous PTFE membranes are manufactured via a proprietary sintering process. This allows for faster diffusion of target gases, improving the response time of the sensor and leading to faster detection – and fewer errors. From environmental monitoring to carbon monoxide detection, toxic to combustible gases, Porex’s components are used by the world’s premier gas sensor manufacturers.

*This webinar is not available to Porex competitors

Hosted By:

Dr. Simon Forster, PhD

Managing Director, Porex Membrane Technologies

Simon has had a successful career working at the interface of Commercial Strategy and R&D Innovation, either leading or supporting companies in delivering novel technologies and solutions to market. He has been with Porex since early 2023, having previously held various roles in General Management, Growth Strategy, Portfolio Management, and R&D. He has a technical academic background, completing his BEng and PhD from the University of Sheffield Department of Engineering Materials.

Hosted By:

George Lowe

Sales Manager – PTFE, Porex Membrane Technologies

Since Joining Porex over four years ago, George has provided innovative solutions to research and development specialists at some of the world’s leading sensor manufacturing companies. His extensive knowledge of Porex Virtek® PTFE membranes has allowed him to build strong partnerships with these manufacturers and help them overcome many challenges in their fields

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