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Urine Collection Media

Urine Wicks for Sample Collection

Improve Diagnostic Testing Accuracy with Porex Urine Wicks

Accurate diagnosis starts with the collection of a sample. Porex offers urine wick technology which can be used in front-end sample collection devices, such as pregnancy tests, to quickly collect and wick the urine sample to the membrane, which then produces a diagnostic result. Our collection media offer ideal capillary structures with customizable properties that can optimize the speed and effectiveness of wicking, absorption, and flow. Our collection media feature proprietary color-changing and sufficiency-indicator technology to optimize surface energy, analyte recovery, viscosity reduction, and minimize non-specific binding. We offer a comprehensive selection of materials from a reliable single-source manufacturer.

Proprietary coatings optimize Porex’s urine collection media’s capability to reduce potential contamination by minimizing non-specific binding. Our custom wicking and absorption properties enable the safe collection, absorption, and release of the same to the membrane for many diagnostic tests, including point-of-care tests, patient self-tests, drugs-of-abuse tests, and infectious disease tests, among others

How porous urine wicks work

Porex’s porous fiber wick collects the urine and transfers (wicks) the sample from outside to the membrane inside, which then produces a diagnostic result. In the case of urine sample collection devices, it is not uncommon for a user to add too much sample which could result in leakage. Using materials which meter the volume along the test strip or absorb excess volume can help to channel fluids to the membrane in a controlled manner.

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Increase Lateral Flow Test Accuracy with Porous Materials

Options for customizing urine collection wicks

Key Features & Benefits

  • Pure materials which enhance sample integrity
  • Minimizes non-specific binding which results in higher recovery of analytes and more accurate testing results
  • Customized capillary material structures which absorb urine quickly and effectively
  • Enhanced functionality with custom overlay
  • Diverse raw material options
  • Meter dosed loading up to 25%

Material Options

  • Advanced porous material (PE, PP)
  • Porous polymeric fiber
  • Porous composites
  • Functionalized and bio-activated porous media

Geometric Options

  • Sheets
  • Rolls
  • 3D geometric shapes
  • Molded & die-cut discs
Porous Laboratory Components

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When Results Matter: Increase Pregnancy Test Accuracy with Porous Wicking Technology

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