Life Sciences – Diagnostics

Sample Collection Media

Controlled Collection & Delivery of Blood Samples

Advanced Sample Collection Media for Precise Analysis and Preservation

Porex offers a comprehensive range of advanced sample collection media designed to ensure accurate analysis and optimal sample preservation. Our innovative porous polymer solutions are engineered to meet the stringent requirements of diverse industries, including medical, environmental, forensic, and research applications. With our expertise in material science and customization capabilities, we can help you optimize sample collection, transportation, and storage for reliable and meaningful results. Collaborate with Porex to elevate the quality and integrity of your sample collection process.

Saliva Urine Collection

Saliva Collection Media

Our custom wicking and absorption properties enable the safe collection, absorption, and release for many diagnostic tests including point-of-care tests, patient self-tests, drugs-of-abuse tests, and infectious disease tests.

Saliva and Urine Collection

Urine Collection Media

Porex offers urine wick technology which can be used in front-end sample collection devices, such as pregnancy tests, to quickly collect and wick the urine sample to the membrane, which then produces a diagnostic result.