Durable, reusable foam with extra grip and security
GRADE: Medium Soft
TerraFoam (PSS) for patient positioning and support

TERRAFOAM’s ultrapure formulations are hypoallergenic and designed exclusively for skin contact. Our viscoelastic foams are soft and supple for patient comfort, yet durable enough for heavy-duty shock absorption needed in patient positioning:

  • Can be customized for patient positioning and surgery support applications.
  • Available in bio-based formulations that look and feel the same as traditional TERRAFOAM.
  • Latex-free with medium soft touch
  • Non-adherent and highly conformable to body contours

Technical specifications

Thickness2.0 – 30.5 mm (0.079 – 1.2″)
Density (kg/m3)104.1
Tensile Strength (kPa)193 – 207
Tear Strength (N/m)460 – 603
Elongation at break (%)230 – 280
Cell count (Pores/in)215 – 239

Key applications for patient positioning

  • Posterior cushions
  • Wheelchair seating
  • Splint padding

Product characteristics


COMFORT: Acceptable

GRIP: Excellent


Porex can adapt our medical foam technology to your proprietary product characteristics including active ingredients, additives and laminates. We also have skiving, slitting, and laminating capabilities in our ISO 13485 certified facility in St. Charles, Michigan.

  • Density
  • Porosity
  • Softness
  • Grip
  • Colors
  • Antimicrobial
  • Hydrophilic or hydrophobic

Sustainable design options

To lessen your end product’s dependence on fossil fuels, some of the ingredients in the final TERRAFOAM can be replaced with bio-based products to create a largely bioplastic-based foam that looks, acts, and feels like the traditional foam. Bio-based TERRAFOAM samples are available in our patient positioning foam kit. Reach out to us below for more information on bio-based foam options.