Tech Brief
Microporous PTFE Successfully Degasses Air Bubbles in Microfluidic Devices

What you will learn in this tech brief:

Audience: Design engineers, diagnostic or microfluidic manufacturers

Summary: Air bubble occurrences is considered one of the largest and most common challenge in microfluidic designs, causing issues downstream in reaction or detection zones. Incorporating a vented mechanism, using porous polymers like PTFE hydrophobic vents allows air to pass through, with a higher degassing rate over other commonly known materials.

What you will learn in this brief:

  • Learn what causes bubble occurrences in microfluidic designs
  • Understand the science behind a porous vented mechanism for removing bubbles
  • Observe the degassing limits porous membranes, like PTFE can achieve in both high and low pressure conditions, suitable for any microfluidic set up.

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