The Science INSIDE Webinar Series
Maximizing Product Performance with Sintered Plastics

Recorded on:
August 26, 2020
11:00 am (EST)

Sintered particles are one of the main types of porous polymers.  Materials made from sintered particles are engineered from various polymers with controlled pore sizes to provide outstanding strength, durability, chemical resistance, and design flexibility.  As with other porous materials such as foams and sponges, sintered particle materials are composed of pores whose cavities are connected to one another, permitting fluidic communication throughout the part.

Global market leaders in the healthcare, consumer, industrial and electronics sectors rely on this type of porous polymer technology to increase functionality, reliability and safety and to optimize product performance.  From medical device venting to insecticide wicking, sintered particle technology provides a high degree of customizability and structural strength. 

In this webinar, learn about key applications of sintered particles across all six functional areas – absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, wicking, and venting – and how to determine the material and characteristics your application needs.

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what is pore size insintered particles

What is Pore Size?

what is pore volume in sintered-particles

What is Pore Volume?

sintered-particles chemical compatibility

Chemical Compatibility

physica properties in sintered particles

Physical Properties

How sintered particles manufactured

How Manufactured?