The Science INSIDE Webinar Series
Making Gas Sensors Safer & More Effective with Porous Polymers

Recorded on:
September 23, 2020
11:00 am (EST)


Engineers and product managers of electrochemical gas sensors who currently use components with either glass wool or lead acetate

What you’ll learn:

This webinar will explain the role of various sensor components in the gas sensor- including the electrolyte reservoir and gas absorption filters – and how they impact the overall performance of the sensor. Learn why companies are moving away from these materials and how both your assembly workers and the sensor can benefit from the removal of these harmful materials.   In addition to understanding the safety implications of incorporating these harmful materials in your sensors, this webinar will also illustrate how these materials can compromise manufacturing efficiency and sensor reliability. 

Learn what porous polymers are, how they are manufactured, and what roles they can play in functional sensor components – and how they can be used to replace these harmful materials and increase performance of the sensor.

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Will Raybon is the Strategic Marketing Manager for New Electronics Products

Host Biography:

Will Raybon, Strategic Marketing Manager at Porex

Will Raybon is the Strategic Marketing Manager for New Electronics Products. He joined POREX in 2019.  With an array of commercial experience covering global markets in a variety of industries in the manufacturing sector, Mr. Raybon has also developed new products for startups and major corporations alike. Mr. Raybon has his Bachelor’s Degree in Management from the Georgia Institute of Technology.