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    The Science of Ink Flow Management Brochure

    With a legacy of over 50 years, Porex® nibs and reservoirs have set the benchmark for consumer satisfaction in writing instruments across a wide range of shapes, sizes, and types. Leading manufacturers worldwide rely on the exceptional quality and reliability of our components to secure customer loyalty and maintain their dominant market presence. Our specialized […]

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    Chemical Compatibility Chart – Polymer Comparison

    Access our comprehensive chemical compatibility chart, a valuable resource for comparing different polymers based on their chemical compatibility.

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    Membrane Chemical Compatibility Guide

    A reference guide comparing the chemical compatibility of track-etched, casted (PES) and PTFE membranes.

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    Your Partner in Cosmetics Innovation Video

    Discover the power of porous polymers in cosmetics innovation and hear firsthand from makeup artists as they share their experiences with Porex’s breadth of high-performance cosmetics applicators.

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    Porex – Your Partner in Innovation Video

    Explore Porex’s engineering and design solutions as they bring customer product ideas to life. With a collaborative approach, Porex partners with customers to tackle intricate design challenges, including absorption, application, diffusion, filtration, venting, and wicking with unmatched material science expertise and unwavering support.

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    Whiteboard Video Series: Bringing Innovation to Life with Porous Polymers – Wicking

    A visual guide to understanding the science behind wicking and how Porex custom polymer wicking solutions can be tailored to meet your specific product requirements.

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    Science Inside Video Series: What Makes Your Smartphone Waterproof?

    Explore how the porous vent ensures your smartphone remains impervious to water damage without compromising its audio capabilities.

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    Science Inside Video Series: How Does Your Sports Bottle Purify the Water Inside?

    Learn about the porous filter using activated carbon cleverly positioned inside the sports bottle straw to efficiently eliminate chlorine and other heavy metals to deliver a refreshing and pure taste of your water with every sip.

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    Science Inside Video Series: How Does Your Highlighter Marker Work?

    Discover the engineering behind the porous plastic nib and reservoir combination precisely designed to manage the ink flow from inside the marker to the writing surface, guaranteeing a superb user experience.

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    Science Inside Video Series: How Does an Inkjet Cartridge Work?

    Watch the porous fiber component that acts as a reservoir for the ink and skillfully delivers or wicks it to the printer head in a precisely controlled manner, ensuring reliable and efficient printing.

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