How Porex Improves Inkjet Printer Cartridge Efficiency

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Mar. 07, 2020

Porex is committed to making the world safer, healthier and more productive. A good example of how our components improve productivity is in inkjet printer cartridges. The cost efficiency of a printer is directly tied to how proficiently is uses ink. The higher the number of pages that can be printed before the cartridge is empty, the less often you need to go out and buy replacement ink cartridges. This is beneficial for your wallet, and your productivity.

Porex is the global leader in inkjet reservoir media. Our porous fiber and foam hold the ink and deliver it to the print head with controlled release. As with all our components, we can produce complex geometries, and customize the porous reservoir to the specific printer system. Porex reservoirs have a high capacity and a high release rate, releasing 80 to 90% of the ink. In addition, we provide options for other components in printers such as ink wicks, free ink vents, and 3D printer filters and diffusers. Check out my video below where I show the inside of an ink cartridge. If you’re interested in learning more about porous polymer reservoirs in this application or many others, check out our The Science Inside webinar series.