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Porex in your Pocket

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By Katlin Lumme, Global Development Director, Mar. 13, 2020

Even as a Porex employee, I’m constantly learning of the new ways that our materials are used in so many different products. Our materials really are everywhere! Including possibly in your pocket. That’s right – Porex materials may be used as a vent in the smartphone you have in your pocket or hand right now.

Porous vents are used in many small electronic devices to help protect the components from water, oil, dust and other contaminants. These vents still allow heat to escape and do not hinder sound wave transmission. We provide unmatched protection vents that are tougher and more durable than expanded PTFE and fully customizable by shape and performance. In addition, the Porex Virtek sintered structure allows handling and welding without the cumbersome assembly instructions and process typical of common expanded PTFE.

Check out my video below where I show a porous vent inside of a smart phone. Or go to our website for more information on our IP rated production vents.  If you’re interested in learning more about porous polymer vents in this application or many others, check out our The Science Inside webinar series.