In Vitro Diagnostics

At Porex, innovation is our foundation: our products list is only the beginning. Every day, our research scientists and engineering teams are creating new porous materials products and solutions to meet your needs and solve your specific challenges. For decades, we've helped some of the best ideas in clinical sciences come to fruition and go to market. Our clinical products are developed specifically to meet the requirements of laboratory professionals and manufacturers alike. Have an idea? Need a custom solution? Contact us and let's get started.

Sample Collection Media

Porex offers a broad range of high-purity products with no contaminant leaching for use in blood, urine, or saliva wicking and collection applications. Pore size, wicking speed, and material treatment are all optimized for quick and accurate sample collection and liquid transfer. Available in sheets, rolls, or custom size configurations.

Test Component Materials

POREX® IVD Test Component materials are designed to meet the levels of precision, accuracy, and reproducibility required by the most challenging IVD applications. Sample, absorbent, and conjugate release pad media are fabricated in a wide array of thicknesses, absorption levels, and compositions, which help provide reliable and predicable solution and sample flow, and aid with excess fluid retention. Available in sheets, rolls, or custom size configurations.

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