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Porex TruFlowTM Lateral Flow Assay Pads

Optimized for Consistency and Manufacturing Ease

Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow assay pads support qualitative & quantitative assays

Lateral flow assay (LFA) or lateral flow immunoassay (LFIA) tests have a wide range of applications due to their ease of use, although many consumers only recognize the more common pregnancy and COVID rapid tests. Each lateral flow assay (LFA) test is intended to detect different analytes, and therefore each test requires unique properties for each of the test components. Porex TruFlowTM sample, conjugate, and absorbent pads have demonstrated exceptional performance in varying lateral flow applications

Whether you are developing a sandwich or competitive assay, Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow materials support both qualitative and quantitative assays with consistent flow and low non-specific binding. Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow pads or external filtration materials can ensure appropriate sample purification to maximize the specificity and sensitivity of the LFAs utilizing clinical, food, or environmental samples regardless of sample viscosity. In addition to traditional sample, conjugate, and absorbent pads, Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow materials have also been used as stacking or blocking pads. For rapid tests using variations on isothermal DNA amplification technology, Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow materials have also been used as amplification pads for nucleic-acid-based tests.

The robustness of Porex synthetic fiber pads ensures easy adaptability for reel-to-reel applications, as well as soaking and spraying processing steps. Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow assay pads do not include any glass fiber or cellulose, which ensures increased strength and durability for manufacturing.

Porex TruFlow™

See the latest on how Porex is advancing diagnostics with superior consistency and ease of manufacturing.

Porex TruFlowTM lateral flow assay pads enable manufacturers to:

  • Optimized reproducibility of your assay with improved material consistency 
  • Reduce cost during manufacturing with robust material
  • Complete release of conjugate and analyte generating strong test and control line signal 

Sample Pads

Porex sample pads absorb a specific volume at a controlled rate to promote uniform release onto the conjugate pad and membrane. Porex sample pads also support filtration of sample contaminants and can be pre-treated to prepare the sample for downstream interactions on the strip.

Conjugate Pads

Porex hydrophilic conjugate pads consistently and efficiently absorb and release conjugate to allow for accurate downstream detection. As in all of our LFA pads, Porex conjugate pads are synthetic to provide the tensile strength needed for reel-to-reel manufacturing.

Absorbent Pads

The absorbent pad must be able to absorb all of the volume of the assay. Also known as a wick pad, Porex absorbent pads have high absorption capacities without material expansion.