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Porex TruFlowTM Sample Pads

Optimized for Consistency and Manufacturing Ease

Porex TruFlowTM sample pads offer consistent absorption and filtration for a wide range of sample types and volumes

From high-volume urine sample pads for pregnancy tests, to lower-volume nasal swab samples for COVID test, Porex TruFlow sample pads absorb a specific volume at a controlled rate to promote uniform release onto the conjugate pad and, subsequently, the membrane. Porex TruFlow sample pads have low non-specific binding while also supporting filtration of sample contaminants and be pre-treated with buffering agents, detergents, blocking agents, and preservatives to prepare the sample for downstream interactions on the strip.

Whether your sample is clinical, food, or environmental, Porex lateral flow sample pads can ensure appropriate sample purification to maximize the specificity and sensitivity of the assay. Our synthetic fiber is uniform and hydrophilic for consistent absorption and can assist the flow of the analyte along the strip regardless of sample viscosity. The sample pads are also very robust – easily adaptable to reel-to-reel applications as well as soaking or spraying processing steps.

The robustness of Porex TruFlow synthetic fiber pads ensures an easy adaptation for reel-to-reel applications, as well as soaking or spraying processing steps. Porex TruFlow sample pads do not include any glass fiber or cellulose, which ensures increased strength and durability for manufacturing.

Porex TruFlow™

See the latest on how Porex is advancing diagnostics with superior consistency and ease of manufacturing.

Options for customizing sample pads for lateral flow assays

Key Features & Benefits

  • Optimize reproducibility of your assay with improved material consistency
  • Reduce cost during manufacturing with robust material
  • Complete release of analyte generating strong test and control line signal
  • Custom pretreatments including buffering agents, detergents, blocking agents and preservatives available for ease of manufacturing
  • Can be designed to integrate sample collection pad or conjugate pad into one item

Product Options

ID Thickness
Basis Weight
Capillary Rise
S115 1.0 0.13 128.95 3 72.38 Polyolefin
S015 0.5 0.12 65.66 3 38.43 Polyolefin

Geometric Options

  • Sheets
  • Rolls – custom widths available
Porous Laboratory Components

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