POREX® Chromatography Products and Media include chromatography frits, automation filters, dissolution filters and protein precipitation media. Manufactured from polyethylene (PE), polypropylene (PP) and polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE), Porex Chromatography Products and Media are used throughout a wide range of applications, including separation columns and sample extraction.  Our chromatography dissolution solutions provide superior purity, resiliency and tolerance process control.

SPE Frits and Automation Filters

SPE Frits and Automation FiltersPorex offers a variety of PE, PP and porous PTFE filters — commonly known as frits, for use in commercially available SPE columns or 96 well SPE plates to facilitate column concentration to a vacuum manifold, needle or collection vessel. Porex Media holds the column packing in place and helps facilitate the sorbent packing material in each SPE column as it separates and retains sample analytes. SPE Automation media and filters are specially designed to improve form, fit and function in various automated applications especially multi well formats.

Protein Precipitation Media

POREX® Protein Precipitation porous media solutions remove precipitated protein during mixing and incubation without plugging or breakthrough. Designed to retain acetonitrile, methanol and other organic solvents. 

Available in sheets (PE) or rolls (PE and PTFE). POREX PTFE or PE Protein Precipitation Membranes help remove contaminating lipids, salts and proteins from samples prior to LC-MS/MS and increases efficiency through elimination of time-consuming centrifugation and transfer steps. Ideal for 96 well plate applications.

Affinity Filters and Supports

POREX® Affinity Filters and Supports are an innovative range of advanced porous materials that enhance functionality through surface modification or sorbent addition. Designed to capture, clean-up, desalt and purify peptides, proteins and oligonucleotides. 

POREX Affinity Filters and Supports help optimize flow and retention variables and can be used in pipette tips, 96 well plates, spin down and gravity flow centrifuge columns. Available in discs, sheets or with embedded CPG, Carbon, C8 or C18 in a homogeneous matrix versus being packed as individual particles.

Dissolution Filters

POREX® Dissolution filters are used in conjunction with pharmaceutical tablet and capsule products to help filter contaminates during the dissolution testing process. Heavy metal free POREX Dissolution Filters are available in cannula filters, circulation dissolution filters and filter frit designs in a wide variety of porosities.

Cannula filters, used on the end of a sampling cannula, feature a large surface area and optimized flow rate. Ideal for applications with a high particulate presence, cannula filters are available in 1-70 micron sizes. Circular dissolution filters are used with low-dimension sample probes in applications where it is important to keep the filtration process outside of the vessel. Our circular dissolution filters are available in 10 and 45 micron sizes. Filter tips can be used on sample cannulas with 1/6” diameter in 2–45 micron sizes. Use with low quantities of particulates and flow at the filter bottom.