Purification / Extraction

POREX® Purification and Extraction materials in Porex polyethylene (PE), polytetrafluoroethylene (PTFE) and porous glass fiber membrane optimize product performance and filter potential contaminates for a broad range of purification and extraction applications.

DNA/ RNA Purification Media

Porex's DNA/RNA purification media is customizable for enhanced isolation, purification, and extraction in a range of molecular biology and forensic analysis procedures.

Spin Column Media

Porex provides spin column media for use in RNA/DNA extraction and purification procedures to isolate high quality nucleic acids for downstream applications. Spin column filters are available in polyethylene (PE), porous glass fiber membranes, and other functionalized porous materials.

Gel Filtration Media Support

POREX® polyethylene (PE), porous glass fiber membranes, and other functionalized porous materials are designed for use in high-recovery desalting, buffer exchange, and low molecular weight compound removal applications. POREX® Filter and Frit materials hold the medium in place and help protect the medium from running dry under buffer flow.

Deep Well Plate Filter Media

POREX® Deep Well Plate Filter media, including polyethylene (PE) and porous glass fiber membranes, are designed to allow high recoveries of filtrates and particulate retentates and to avoid cross-talk between adjacent wells. Applications include but are not limited to DNA/RNA or PCR purification, lysate clearance, cell harvesting, binding studies, and plasmid isolation.