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For decades, Porex has developed porous plastic filter solutions to address complex design and engineering challenges in the consumer and recreational water filtration industries. Our material science expertise and filtration application experience are utilized by leading companies worldwide, and our global operations ensure high reproducibility and reliability of filter products all along the supply chain. POREX® Filters are used in a multitude of product applications from home drinking water systems to pool filtration systems.

If you don't see the exact application you're looking for, please contact us to discuss how we may develop a customized filter product to meet your specific requirements. Porex also offers finished product filtration solutions for cross flow filtration applications as well as filter cartridges in various configurations. To explore these specialized filtration products visit our filtration division website: www.porexfiltration.com

Potable Water Filters

POREX® Potable Water Filters (tubes) are designed to optimize the balance between maximum water flow and effective removal of targeted impurities in compliance with NSF standards. Our potable filter tubes can be used either as center supports or as outer wraps, to contain the active ingredient that eliminates targeted impurities. This not only achieves efficient pre-filtration with minimized back pressure and maximized fluid flow, but also prevents migration of activated carbon or ion exchange particles from within the internal regions of the potable filter tubes within the filtration system.

Carbon Filters for Sports Water Bottles

POREX® Carbon Filters for water bottles are designed to remove sediment, lead, and chlorine in a single-pass filtration process that meets NSF Class I standards. The carbon water filters' optimal pore size minimizes flow resistance while still allowing enough residence time for removal of chlorine and lead. Porex designs carbon water filters for refrigerator and tap water filter systems as well as for consumer water bottles. Our water bottle carbon filters offer an easy, effective way to filter out pollutants and generate clean drinking water for consumers.

Swimming Pool & Spa Filters

POREX® Pool and Spa Filters are rigid and lightweight, and they offer a variety of advantages: maximized surface area and flow rates, optimized backwash processing, and excellent chemical and physical resistance to cleaning and reuse to support a long serviceable life. Radial, tube, and sheet filters are easy to install into existing pool and spa filtration systems, but all Porex filter products can be customized to meet individual water filtration system requirements.

Seamless Carbon Block Pre-Filter

Porex's seamless filter sleeves offer advanced porous materials and structural integrity to pre-filtration.
Thick polyolefin walls allow for maximum flow and high efficiency, quickly removing sediment particulates from water bound for carbon block filtration. Seamless, unified design enables easy assembly while eliminating the risk of downstream contamination due to seam failure.
With fully customizable dimensions, fiber sizes, pore sizes, and densities, our seamless pre-filters extend the life and boost the performance of any carbon filter.

  • 5 - 30 micron fiber size range
  • 0.05 - 0.30 g/cc density range
  • 10 - 50 lbf compression force range
  • Reduces cost-to-assemble and improves cycle times   


Porous Plastic Tubes

Produced from UHMW polyethylene polymers, Porex’s high-quality seamless porous plastic tubes offer full ranges of customizations, including rigidity, resiliency, and lengths up to 2m and ODs up to 750mm.

With hydrophobic or hydrophilic options and high chemical and abrasion resistance, our porous plastic tubes are ideal for wastewater treatment, electroplating, metal working, food and drink, aeration/diffusion, water purification, desalination, organic phase separation, and more.


Plastic Filter Housings

POREX® Plastic Filter Housings are self-contained preliminary filters for both gases and fluids. They are designed to protect laboratory and dentistry equipment, pneumatic controls units, pumps, and motors. Available in different sizes (1/8” to 3/4”) and porosities (5, 35 and 80 micrometer polyethylene filter unit), POREX Plastic Filter Housings provide high corrosion and chemical resistance* and are also an economical pre-filtration alternative for potable water and reverse osmosis systems.

* Chemical compatibility data available upon request.

Underdrain Plates

POREX® Underdrain Plates were developed to support sand and multimedia filtration beds in municipal, industrial, and residential water treatment processes. These plates function like a "false floor" allowing for maximum, uniform water flow-through in either direction without loss of filtering media. This enables automatic backwashing of the filtration system for improved bed regeneration and long system life. Porex Underdrain Plates offer durability, efficiency, and easy installation to water filter treatment systems. Customized plate tooling and fabrication processes are also available.

Nylon Melt Brown Filter Cartridges

Porex's nylon filter cartridges bring flexibility, durability, and dependable quality to diverse filtration applications.   

Engineered for absolute fiber purity and consistency, our filter cartridges provide optimized dirt-holding capacity, low-pressure drop, high filtration efficiency, and long lifespans. 100% melt blown nylon microfibers are binder free and thermally treated for reliable performance in the most challenging environments. 

With exceptional chemical and thermal resistance alongside a wide range of customizable options, you can rely on our filter cartridges for your most critical filtration needs.   

  • For use with: hydrocarbons, special and organic chemicals, paints, inks, solvents, amine streams, lacquers, and more
  • Maximum 250°F operating temperature
  • Available in 5, 10, and 25 micron ratings
  • 10”, 20”, 30”, 40” lengths
  • Custom diameters
  • With or without nylon cores