POREX® Porous Plastic Filter Media Materials have been used for decades in the most demanding filtration and separation applications from water and industrial filtration to Bioscience applications. Offering surface and depth filtration functionality, our porous structures are comprised of an omni-directional, inter-connecting matrix, which may be optimized for filtration efficiencies to match your gas or fluid filtration and separation requirements. Additionally, POREX filtration media may be surface modified or additives may be incorporated into the porous matrix to enhance functionality depending on your specific performance requirements.

Explore the technology behind our filtration and separation materials, and discover why Genuine Porex™ filtration media offer design flexibility, performance, and durability that set the standard.

Porex also offers finished product filtration solutions for cross flow filtration applications as well as filter cartridges in various configurations. To explore these specialized filtration products visit our filtration division website: www.porexfiltration.com.