Porous Products

At Porex, innovation is the foundation: our custom polymer products list is only the beginning. Every day, our research scientists and engineering teams are creating new porous products and custom fiber products to meet your needs and solve your specific challenges.

For decades, we've helped some of the best ideas in the healthcare, consumer and industrial markets come to fruition and go to market. Today, that tradition continues in partnership with you. We work with over 1,300 customers in 65 countries to design and develop the porous materials and fiber custom products that help make life better for millions around the world.

Have an idea? Need a custom plastic product solution? Contact us and let's get started.

Life Sciences

Precision media & filters for chromatography, purification & extraction, liquid handling, and affinity filters & supports

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Clinical Sciences

Products, media & filters for sample preparation, liquid handling, and microfluidic applications

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Medical Devices

Vents, applicators, filters, and more for drug delivery, sterilization and surgical devices

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IP Rated PTFE Vents

IP Rated PTFE Protection Vents

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Photometry & Lighting

Lighting components and reflective materials.

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Performance products engineered for auto A/C systems, small motors and batteries

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Beauty & Cosmetics

Cosmetic beauty and personal care applicator solutions deliver freedom in design, flexibility and control.

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Electronics / Energy

Multiple solutions for battery, lighting, inkjet, and electronic device challenges

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Sports Padding

Porex develops Nubiform an innovative elastomeric material to keep athletes safe.

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Writing Instrument Nibs

Custom and standard nib designs offer unique benefits, exceptional functionality

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Fragrance Delivery

Dependable, innovative solutions for aspirator, freshener, and diffuser products

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Water Filtration

Optimized solutions for water bottles, tap systems, pools, filter housings, more

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Vents, caps, seals, and more to address leakage, sterility, other packaging issues

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Appliances & Tools

Porous components for products ranging from aquarium bubblers to power tools

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Other Applications

Machining, manufacturing, industry: silencers, hold-down sheets, filter beds, more

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